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Soffice means Soft: in a single word the answer to the constant need to ensure the whole family a line of natural products suitable for every moment of the day, respecting the skin and with the utmost delicacy.
A gentle guarantee of hygiene for all ages, with articles designed to meet the needs of children, adults and the elderly.
Products dermatologically tested, 100% Made in Italy and free of chemicals: perfect for the people you love.

Salviette Soffice

Soffice® baby wipes
Baby Bio Cotton

Lightness in contact with the skin

The fine touch of cotton and the freshness of the aloe make these baby wipes soft and fragrant, characteristics that blend well with the moisturizing, soothing and protective effect of panthenol.
Made of 100% biodegradable cotton and a detergent solution with natural ingredients, they are certified BIOCOSMESI VERDE 95 and are particularly resistant.
Made in Italy, 100% bio, biodegradable and free of alcohol, parabens or PEG.

Dimensions: 180×165 mm

Salviette Baby Aloe

Soffice® baby wipes
Baby Olive Oil

The soft touch of nature

Natural anti-inflammatory that sanitizes and moisturizes baby’s skin, olive oil is the extra touch of these soft baby wipes, perfect to avoid and soothe any kind of redness and irritation.

A product free of parabens and alcohol, designed to guarantee softness, freshness and hygiene even to the most sensitive skin: a delicate and natural touch for diaper change and for constant use outside the home.

Dimensions: 180×165 mm

Salviette Soffice Baby olio di oliva

Soffice® baby wipes
Baby Karitè

Delicate protection

Soft and refreshing, Shea oil kids napkins with vitamin D are ideal for delicate skin and especially for diaper changes thanks to their moisturizing, soothing and protective properties. The solution to always take with you to prevent and soothe redness in a natural way: it can be used on the whole body even in the presence of previous excoriations and irritations.
Furthermore, for each pack purchased, Eudorex donates a percentage of sales to the Telethon Foundation.
Produced in Italy, without parabens, alcohol and PEG.

Dimensions: 180×165 mm

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Soffice® baby wipes
Baby talco

Freshness for sensitive skin

The skin of our children is five times thinner than that of adults. For that, with every diaper change and in every situation of the day we have the duty to use products designed to guarantee hygiene and delicacy, like these talcum wipes for children with aloe vera.

Dermatologically tested and without parabens or alcohol, they guarantee relief to reddened skin, greatly increasing skin hydration even in the case of more sensitive skin.

Dimensions: 200×150 mm (pack of 15 pcs.), 180x165mm (pack of 72 pcs.)

Salviette Baby Talco Soffice

Soffice® baby wipes
Baby Argan

The tenderness of a gentle massage

Moisturizing, antiseptic, soothing and nourishing: Argan oil protects the baby’s skin with its natural properties, acting immediately in the presence of dermatitis, sunburn, irritation and milk crust.

Free of parabens and alcohol, baby wipes in Argan oil act delicately on the skin, releasing a pleasant fragrance with each diaper change.

Dimensions: 180×165 mm

Salviette Soffice olio di Argan

Soffice® baby wipes
Baby aloe

All the balance of the earth

Soft and refreshing, the aloe vera wipes ensure hygiene and hydration while fully respecting the delicacy of the natural pH of the baby’s skin.

Thanks to the natural composition and the anti-reddening properties of aloe vera, the diaper change becomes a pleasant moment during which – in addition – the pores of the baby’s skin are unblocked, offering a feeling of delicate freshness.

Dimensions: 180×165 mm

Salviette Baby Aloe Vera

Soffice® baby wipes
Baby Aqua

At the source of purity

The whiteness of the water for complete hygiene in every moment of the day: the Baby Aqua sanitizing wipes of the Soffice line are the faithful allies for diaper changes outside the home and for the daily cleaning of the baby.

Dermatologically tested, alcohol-free and paraben-free, for a sensation of immediate freshness thanks to the natural formula that with the same efficacy as cotton wool prevents rashes and redness.

Dimensions: 180×165 mm

Salviette neonati acqua

Soffice® baby wipes

The aroma that hydrates

With their irresistible and delicate fragrance, the Soffice wipes for children with apple are among the most pleasant solutions for hygiene outside the home.
Moisturizing, sanitizing and soothing action, these wipes are dermatologically tested and produced in Italy.
Also, like all the wipes in the line are without parabens, alcohol and PEG

Dimensions: 180×165 mm

Salviette Baby idratatante lenitiva mela

Soft Baby Wipes®

The virtues of aromatic essences

Soft camomile scented wipes are ideal for the daily cleaning of children. Thanks to the cleansing action and the extra soft fabric they clean the baby’s skin leaving it immediately dry and soft while offering a pleasant chamomile aroma.
Very useful both at home and on the road: practical and delicate, without parabens, alcohol and PEG.
Produced in Italy.

Dimensions: 180×165 mm

Salviette Baby Soffice camomilla

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